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Here a Peep, there a Peep, Everywhere a Peep Peep!
March 28, 2011, 10:29 pm
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I frequent the site One Pretty Thing, like any good crafter, and dream about what I could do or make if only I wasn’t so attached to a sleep schedule. Or sitting on the couch reading magazines. Or drinking coffee, watching TV. Needless to say, I aspire to do much, and only do a little. It takes something way cool to make me set down my coffee, take notice, and say, “I need to buy the supplies for that immediately.” …and this wreath is one of those things.

Enter Peep Wreath.


Jealous? Well,understandably so. Heh, just kidding. I am disproportionately proud of this, seeing as how it was the easiest wreath EVER to make. Not downplaying my painstaking attention to detail or anything, but it was merely a 9 inch, pressed straw wreath, 9 boxes of Peeps (3 yellow, 3 pink, 3 blue), and a box of toothpicks. Push the toothpicks one by one into the wreath, and then jab the little marshmallowey guys onto the toothpicks. Sounds icky and mean, but it’s fun. I promise.

I didn’t come up with this brilliant idea. This site is where I picked it up, and all of the kudos that I have received should go to them. I am sooo happy. Thanks for the awesome concept!

So, there ya go. Be amazed. Happy spring, friends!

Yeah, so….I should probably do stuff.
January 30, 2011, 12:17 am
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Probably. The girls and I are in the midst of a huge overhaul of our insane-on-the-weekdays, lazy-on-the-weekend style as of late. I am making laundry bags out of pillow cases, a bow tie for our dog, Linus, and probably some Valentiney goodness. I’ll take some pictures and post them after I do.

Hey, I said we were GOING THROUGH an overhaul. Transformation takes time. Be patient. Sheesh.

It’s all you need.
June 14, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Blah blah blah… I could give my usual spiel about how I should be on here more often, but what can I say? I’m busy. Busy-ness means no bloggy time.

My youngest said yesterday that she will never get married when she grows up. In part, it made me proud to hear her say that. I don’t know how to express how sad it makes me that little girls spend their childhoods waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet… when really what they need to fantasize about is making their own way in the world. We are not here to merely follow out someone else’s wishes, but to chart our own path on the map, and set off on our way.

But, that being said, hopefully someone else’s charted course will cross yours. And, weary of traveling alone, maybe the two of you will get to talking. Joking. Sharing. And then it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing if your journeys are leading to the same place. At the end of a long day of seeing the crazy chaos in which we live, you have someone to curl up next to.

I’m afraid that I may have scared the girls away from love. With the unwillingness to trust and live alongside another person for a while, I’m afraid that all that they are seeing is the independence and none of the loneliness and struggle I feel every day. How empty things seem at night without someone to tell my insano plans to.

What a sob story. Bleh.

Del, you don’t have to get married. I would never say that you did. But, baby, you gotta love.

You just do.

There and Back Again…
November 12, 2009, 4:32 pm
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Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting to be discovered in every person.

-Wilfred Peterson

I feel like it’s been years since I’ve written here, and I feel good for doing so. I’m trying to teach the girls how to best express themselves through writing but feel hypocritical not practicing what I preach. So, here I will muddle along, trying to make the best of my many mistakes, and make even more glorious the successes that come my way.  Big things are happening right now. Big big things.

So much has changed since my last entry! We moved to Arizona, made new friends, started new schools, suffered new pitfalls, explored new territories. Speaking from my own perspective, I now know that I am on my way to becoming the person that I want to be… a stronger, more confident person than I’ve ever been. It’s strange to hold that knowledge, and finally being accepting of who I am. Not only accepting, I guess, but proud. It is the first time in my life that I feel unencumbered by huge amounts of shame over being myself. It’s the first time that I feel worthy of a lot.

Not very often will I dive into personal notes on a public forum, even if it is my own. I hope to use this as a tool to motivate me to get more done, and also, to map my course.

And also, love, love will tear us apart again. I have that in my head and it won’t…go…away.

FREE STUFF for awesome people!
February 28, 2009, 6:49 am
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I saw this great idea on Katie’s blog about paying it forward… In short, if you are one of the first three people to comment on this posting, you will receive something handmade by me! So, please, post something like this on your own blog or website, and then comment here, and wait for your free stuff to come on home.

In fact, if you don’t have a blog, comment anyway. I know…I’m so generous. *GRIN*

The Post That Took Two Months to Write
December 13, 2008, 9:06 am
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I have told myself many many reasons why I don’t blog anymore. One that I tell myself daily is that I am just lazy. Why can’t I get everything done in the day that I plan to do? Another is that it would take time away from my girls. Another that I frequently find myself thinking is that I don’t do or say or make anything really worthwhile.

Maybe it sounds pitiable–maybe it should. I am not the shining pinnacle of self-esteem that some others are. I never have been, and will probably never be. I am finally getting to the point where I can tell myself that I’m an okay person. If I pushed that, and replaced the word ‘okay’ with ‘awesome’, I would feel like a liar.

The truth is that I am busy. I am busier than I have ever been in my life, and busier than anyone I know. I go to school online full time, take classes for the day care Monday night, study with the Red Cross to be a CPR instructor on the weekends. I work one full time job, and one part-time job, and I’m lucky if I round out under 55 hours in a week. Not only that, … but especially… I have three little girls that desparately need love, affection, attention, and guidance from me. More than ever, I am feeling the pressure to be the person that I’ve always set out to be…not for me, but for them. No matter what I do, they are watching, absorbing, and imitating. I need to be mindful of my actions and attitudes, because I know that already, my girls are growing into amazing people–so much like me in many ways… but I want them to be better than I am. I am deeply flawed, and I hope they can get through their childhood with some minor surface scratches.

I have until next March before I renew my WordPress account. I need to make an effort to be here, but I don’t know how to divvy up my time. Organization is something I desperately need in my life.

Hmm… in case I don’t get back here for a while (which I don’t think will happen), we got a puppy! His name is Ernesto Montalban de los SexyPants… Ernie for short. He’s 8 weeks old, and awesome. Nick’s car blew up in October, and now he’s been working nights while I work days, using my half-broken car. We aren’t receiving any help from the girls’ dad, and he’s being very very… there are no nice words for what he’s being. Despite the setbacks, I am trying to remain confident that we’ll be okay. Life is good, for the most part. It can only go up from here, hmm?

October 12, 2008, 7:10 am
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I missed last week with Sunday Scribblings, but I already have such a good idea for it that I can’t pass up the FORBIDDEN theme. So, here this goes, to be followed by another in a few hours.

Black satin sheets, peach flavored liqueor
On a Sunday afternoon after church, you found me
Long, leaning looks and shy butterfly replies
You told me that you needed me.
Calling me a tease, I returned with a smile.
And a kiss…and an embrace…then we’re off…
I knew I shouldn’t want you as much as I do.
But it’s a pale orange Sunday sunset, and how I love forbidden fruit.
Petting for a moment or two, the beast within takes over
As you paw and play and nibble at the girl you used to know
My best friend of old, the guy I adored, you never clued me in on this before
But the whispers in my ear say you’re leaving tomorrow
And you had to see me just one last time
Lost in my lust and ecstasy, I breathe that ‘I don’t care.’
Lover’s caresses, whispered confessions, Sunday shoes and black lace
I run my fingers through your angelic blonde curls, and we satiate the repressed
Hot sweet spicy breath, laced with peaches and a Southern accent
Softly telling me that you’re leaving for the Navy.
A cold black night peers in from the window and sees my poor heart
Shattered, as I hide my face from your searching eyes
And my body, racked with sobs, from your wandering hands.
And I kissed you one last time, trying to convey the hurt and the need that I felt.
Your kind brown eyes gave me a martyred stare, and you left the room.
I knew that I shouldn’t want you as much as I do.
But it’s a Sunday, and how I love forbidden fruit.


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